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di- (inceptive) + -yi- (transitional) + -Ø- (3rd person subject prefix) + -d- (classifier)-gis (neuter perfective stem of root -GIZ, “to twist”).



  1. he/she/it is stupid
  2. he/she/it is clumsy
  3. First-person duoplural imperfective form of diigis

Usage notes[edit]

This is a neuter verb that uses only the yii-perfective mode.


Paradigm: Neuter perfective (yii).

PERFECTIVE singular duoplural plural
1st person diisgis diigis dadiigis
2nd person dinigis doohgis dadoohgis
3rd person diigis dadiigis
4th person jidiigis dazhdiigis

Note: This verb has been variously described by Young (1987) as a Ø-classifier/yii-imperfective, and Young (1992) as a Ø-classifier/yii-perfective.

It is here rather described as a d-classifier/yii-perfective, which is the only combination that accounts for both the -iis ending in the 1sg (as per the d-classifier; the Ø- classifier would give -ii) and the -ini ending in the 2sg (as per the yii-perfective; the yii-imperfective would give -ii).