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Alternative forms[edit]


diplo- +‎ -opia


diplopia (countable and uncountable, plural diplopias)

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  1. (pathology) An ophthalmologic condition where one perceives two images; double vision.
    • 1985, Lawrence Durrell, Quinx, New York: Viking, Chapter Three, p. 61,[1]
      As for Bodhidharma the only painting extant is too late to have been done from life. The sage’s eyes are crossed from his exertions. Diplopia giving the impression of the pineal eye, the Third Eye in full flower.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In crossed or heteronymous diplopia, the image seen by the right eye is upon the left hand, and vice versa. In homonymous diplopia, the image seen by the right eye is on the right side, that by the left eye on the left side. In vertical diplopia one image stands above the other.

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diplopia f (plural diplopie)

  1. (patholgoy) diplopia