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directed acyclic graph (plural directed acyclic graphs)

  1. (graph theory, computer science) A finite directed graph that contains no directed cycles.
    Synonyms: acyclic digraph, acyclic directed graph, DAG (acronym)
    Hyponyms: Bayesian network, tree
    • 1995, Volker Turan, Weimin Chen, GLB-closures in Directed Acyclic Graphs and Their Applications, Ernst W. Mayr, Gunther Schmidt, Gottfried Tinhofer (editors), Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science: 20th International Workshop, Proceedings, Springer, LNCS 903, page 121,
      A subset S of the vertices of a directed acyclic graph is called glb-closed, if it contains the greatest lower bounds of all pairs of vertices of S. [] Directed acyclic graphs are widely used in different areas of computer science.
    • 2001, Peter J. Pahl, Rudolf Damrath, Mathematical Foundations of Computational Engineering: A Handbook, Springer, page 574,
      In studying these properties, a distinction is made between directed acyclic graphs with directed edges and simple acyclic graphs with undirected edges. [] A directed acyclic graph is asymmetric and does not contain cycles.
    • 2011, Michael Donders, Sara Miner More, Pavel Naumov, Information Flow on Directed Acyclic Graphs, Lev D. Beklemishev, Ruy de Queiroz (editors), Logic, Language, Information, and Computation: 18th International Workshop, Proceedings, Springer, LNAI 6642, page 95,
      A logical system that describes the properties of this relation for an arbitrary fixed directed acyclic graph is introduced and proven to be complete and decidable.


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