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Coined by Private Eye in reference to an alleged tryst between journalist Mary Kenny and a politician, after which Kenny claimed she was merely "upstairs discussing Uganda".


discuss Uganda (third-person singular simple present discusses Uganda, present participle discussing Uganda, simple past and past participle discussed Uganda)

  1. (Britain, informal, euphemistic) To have sex.
    • 1995 April 27, Helen Gerald, “Re: Liz Hurley”, in rec.arts.tv.uk, Usenet[1], message-ID <1bd766f1e95e31fd>:
      IMHO she just devalues the rest of us who want to be judged by what we do and what we are, not how we look and who we discuss Uganda with.
    • 2007, Benedict Le Vay, Eccentric Cambridge, ISBN 1841621722, page 257:
      If both [doors] are closed (leaving a small gap between them, that is) it means the occupant is away, studying hard and not wishing to be disturbed, discussing Uganda with a member of the opposite sex (or even, fwankly Wupert, the same one), or enduring a hangover from hell [...]
    • 2009, Nicholas Belfrage, The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy, ISBN 0520259424, page 312:
      The antipasto often features fettunta—thin slices of Tuscan bread toasted and salted (the bread itself is unsalted) and perhaps rubbed with garlic (you may prefer to rub it on for yourself, or not if you're due to discuss Uganda or have an interview with Silvio Berlusconi)


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