Ugandan discussions

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From discuss Uganda.


Ugandan discussions pl (plural only)

  1. (Britain, informal, euphemistic) Sexual intercourse.
    • 1983, Private Eye, number 550-575, page 215:
      Now that Andy has dispensed with her services, Grovel can reveal that the former soft-porn star was enjoying Ugandan discussions in St Moritz last Christmas with Lome Thyssen, 20-year-old son of the multi-millionaire steel tycoon Baron Heini Thyssen.
    • 2009, Ion Trewin, Alan Clark: The Biography, →ISBN:
      A letter came back on Department of Education notepaper. "Very sorry I can't do lunch. I am usually engaged in Ugandan discussions at lunchtime. I will be happy to see you in the evening."
    • 2010, Tom Bennett, The Behaviour Guru: Behaviour Management Solutions for Teachers, →ISBN, page 164:
      Boys make gay jokes about most other boys, without any implication that any genuine Ugandan discussions take place.