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dishwasher +‎ -able


dish·wash·er·a·ble /dish-"wo-sh&r-&-b&l/


dishwasherable (comparative more dishwasherable, superlative most dishwasherable)

  1. dishwasher safe; able to be placed safely in a dishwasher for cleaning
    All the parts of the deep fryer are dishwasherable.
    • 1998, Vicky Larmour, in alt.newlywed [1]
      I always assumed they weren't dishwasherable.
    • 2001, Charlotte L. Blackmer, in [2]
      I looked for a set of casual dishes (microwavable and eventually dishwasherable, but I had no dishwasher at the time) that would go with the other dishes I had acquired for a while.
    • 2004, Kate Dicey, in uk.rec.sheds [3]
      Lakeland Limited do some dishwasherable tree bits chopping boards.
    • 2006, Eric Walker, in [4]
      The KitchenAid is dishwasherable, and works fine on induction units.