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distinguish +‎ -ability


distinguishability (usually uncountable, plural distinguishabilities)

  1. The state of being distinguishable.
    • 2008, Michał Horodecki, Seth Lloyd, Andreas Winter, "Quantum coding theorem from privacy and distinguishability", Open Systems and Information Dynamics, No. 15 (2008), pp. 47-69
      The problem is separated into two parts: proof of distinguishability of codewords by receiver, and that of indistinguishability of codewords by environment (privacy).
    • 2008, Canadian Grain Commission, Kernel visual distinguishability in western Canadian wheat classes, 2008-03-05
      This visual characteristic is called kernel visual distinguishability, or KVD, and it is presently one of the requirements that must be met if a wheat variety is to be registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for unrestricted registration, production and handling.


Derived terms[edit]