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dizzy +‎ -ly


dizzily (comparative more dizzily, superlative most dizzily)

  1. In a dizzy manner.
    • 1841, Edgar Allan Poe, "A Descent into the Maelström" [1]
      I looked dizzily, and beheld a wide expanse of ocean, whose waters wore so inky a hue as to bring at once to my mind the Nubian geographer's account of the Mare Tenebrarum.
    • 1942, "Feeling the Crunch," Time, 2 March, 1942, [2]
      The Australians had seen it coming—Singapore's fall and the inevitable sequel, the Japanese air attack on the Australian mainland [] . But it had happened dizzily fast.
    • 1977, Hansard, Scotland and Wales Bill, 15 February, 1977, [3]
      The Lord President can not avoid our pointing out that the Government's position has shifted dizzily from point to point during these debates.