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Alternative forms[edit]


dog +‎ cart



dogcart (plural dogcarts)

  1. A cart drawn by a dog.
  2. A two wheeled horse-drawn carriage with two transverse seats back to back. The rear seat originally closed up to form a box for carrying dogs.
    • 1903 The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      At the same instant an empty dog-cart, the horse cantering, the reins trailing, appeared round the curve of the road and rattled swiftly towards us.
    • 1967, Sleigh, Barbara, Jessamy, 1993 edition, Sevenoaks, Kent: Bloomsbury, ISBN 0 340 19547 9, page 57:
      While Kitto chatted to William, Jessamy looked with interest at the dog cart. It had a pair of high wooden wheels with two seats back to back above. Between the shafts the bay mare tossed her head and fidgeted on the cobbles.


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