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donkey +‎ dick


donkeydick (plural donkeydicks)

  1. Alternative spelling of donkey dick
    • 1980, Oliver Lange, Next of Kin, Seaview Books (1980), ISBN 9780872235601, page 134
      And that German donkeydick must'a been three and a half feet long and five inches across.
    • 1999, Oliver Lange, Whompyjawed, Permanent Press (1999), ISBN 9781579620233, page 107:
      Harvey told me Coach Bud was calling Effie a motherfucker and a cocksucker and a two-bit donkeydick.
    • 2009, Ken Knight, The Naked Diaries: Legends of Bare Entertainment, AuthorHouse (2009), ISBN 9781449036058, page 407
      Then there was that donkeydick Jonny Faster who she indulged shortly before he disappeared four years ago, the second man to ever make her come and the only one she ever let bend her over a barstool like he did that evening!