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From donkey +‎ fucker.


donkeyfucker (plural donkeyfuckers)

  1. (slang, rare, offensive, vulgar) Term of abuse.
    • 1998 August 1, S. M. Stirling, The Domination, Baen Publishing Enterprises, →ISBN:
      Shit, shit, they must've turned the Jagdpanzer around to face north; the donkeyfuckers out-thought me!
    • 2019 March 14, Li Er, Coloratura, University of Oklahoma Press, →ISBN, page 33:
      Right away they started calling each other donkeyfuckers. The young attendant was twenty-five or twenty-six, with well-formed features and good manners. Later I learned that he'd graduated from Nankai High School.
    • 2022 March 29, J.L. Worrad, Pennyblade, Titan Books (US, CA), →ISBN:
      'Donkeyfucker!' I yelled. I swung again and again. 'Feckless bull-buggering arsehole!' 'Oi!' He stumbled back. 'Where were you? Where fucking were you? Have you any idea, I...' The anger went out of me. I was breathing too fast and I []