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After the Bedford Dormobile, a 1960s campervan, presumably from dormitory +‎ -mobile.


dormobile (plural dormobiles)

  1. A campervan.
    • 1989, Alison Payne, Upon a White Horse, page 150:
      The children were supposed to be asleep in various trailers, caravans and dormobiles scattered about the yard, but deep into the night we could hear the sounds of giggling and scampering as they decamped from one vehicle to the next []
    • 1992, Penelope Hansen, My father and me: New Zealand women remember, page 27:
      He bought cheap vans and when they had served their purpose sold them again; some were old wrecks which he would tinker with, keeping them on the road and fitted out like home-grown dormobiles []
    • 2005, Lucy Newlyn, Chatter of Choughs, page 66:
      For this purpose he drove from Cornwall in a dormobile at regular intervals to survey four study areas in West Wales, selected to include key chough sites and their relevance to his Cornish research.