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  1. past participle of dowdify
    • 1945, William Makepeace Thackeray, The Letters and Private Papers of William Makepeace Thackeray, page 359:
      I saw the picture of little Toby, & the sketch of you was like you then, though not much now — your figure having dowdified somewhat.


dowdified (comparative more dowdified, superlative most dowdified)

  1. Made dowdy.
    • 1857, “Punch's Pocket-book of Fun”, in London Punch, page 28:
      To dream that you look, denotes that not only Emma Vernon, but even that dowdified Rosanna Brown will have new dresses and mantles at the picnic on Tuesday, and you will go in that odious old bonnet.
    • 1882, Albert Eubule Evans, The professor's daughter, page 151:
      She chose to take it as implying that her general appearance was, in her uncle's eyes, dowdified.
    • 1926, Meade Minnigerode, Some American Ladies: Seven Informal Biographies, page 234:
      This was the guest of honor sitting in the brilliant parlor of the Marigny mansion, "with her dowdified figure, her inelegant conversation, and her total want of refinement," while "the ladies of the Jackson party hovered near her at all times, apparently to save her from saying or doing any thing which might do discredit to their idol."