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Old French[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


droiturier m (oblique plural droituriers, nominative singular droituriers, nominative plural droiturier)

  1. judge


droiturier m (oblique and nominative feminine singular droituriere)

  1. just; rightful; of or relating to someone who adheres to justice
    • 12th Century, Unknown, Raoul de Cambrai:
      Q'ocist a tort son signor droiturier.
      Who wrongly killed his rightful master.
    • circa 1150, Thomas d'Angleterre, Le Roman de Tristan, page 190 (of the Champion Classiques edition, ISBN 2-7453-0520-4), lines 2383-4:
      e tuz li meldre chivalers,
      li plus francs, li plus dreiturers
      and all the best knights,
      the most noble, the most just