drumhead cabbage

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drumhead cabbage (plural drumhead cabbages)

  1. A variety of large winter cabbage with tightly compacted leaves and a flattened shape.
    • 1808, The Antijacobin Review and Magazine; or, Monthly Political and Literary Censor, London: C. Cradock and W. Joy, Vol. XXXI, September to December, 1808, p. 360, [1]
      His cows were fed with green food, as being so much cheaper than hay, and for this purpose he planted cabbages and turnips. [] The common drumhead cabbage were first used; next followed the common turnip, then the Swedish and kohlrabi, and last the coleseed.
    • 1911, Sessional Papers, Legislature of the Province of Ontario, Volume 43, Part 7, p. 29, [2]
      In these results the Sutton's Earliest Drumhead cabbage has given the highest average yield of green crop per acre when the seed was sown and treated in exactly the same way as that of rape.