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Old English[edit]


From dūst (dust) + sċēawung (inspection, contemplation) (see "scavage" for more)


  • IPA(key): /ˈduːstˈʃæːɑwuŋɡ/


dūstsċēawung f

  1. viewing or contemplation of dust
    • a. 10th century, The Blickling Homilies:
      He þa swa geomor, & swa gnorngende, gewāt from þære dustsceawunga & hine þa onwende from ealre þisse worlde begangum,
      1880, translation by Richard Morris:
      He then, so sad and sorrowful, departed from the ‘dust-spectacle’ (contemplation of the dust), and turned himself away from all the affairs of this world;

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