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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English scavage, schevage, schewage, from Old French *scavage, escavage, escauwage, alteration of earlier escauvinghe (scavage), from Middle English shewing, schewing (inspection, examination, show), from Old English scēawung (a looking at, seeing, contemplation, consideration, respect, regard, reconnoitering, surveying, inspection, examination, scrutiny, a spectacle, show, appearance, pretence, a showing, exhibiting, manifestation, toll on exposure of goods), equivalent to show +‎ -ing.


scavage (plural scavages)

  1. (historical) A toll or duty anciently exacted from merchant strangers by mayors, sheriffs, etc. for goods offered for sale within their precincts.

Etymology 2[edit]

Back-formation from scavager.


scavage (third-person singular simple present scavages, present participle scavaging, simple past and past participle scavaged)

  1. To act as a scavenger, to scavenge.