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earthfloor (plural earthfloors)

  1. Alternative spelling of earth floor
    • 1889, Jerome Dean Davis, Hand-book of Christian evidences, page 99:
      About two thirds of the children died in infancy by the hands of the mother, who would choke a babe or bury it alive in the earthfloor of her hut simply to stop its crying.
    • 1966, in A Hopkins reader: selections from the writings of Gerard Manley Hopkins, edited and with an introduction by John Pick, page page 205:
      The lark in wild glee races the reel round, paying or dealing out and down the turns of the skein or coil right to the earthfloor, the ground, where it lies in a heap, as it were, or rather is all wound off on to another winch, reel, []
    • 1972, The Ten Foot Square Hut and Tales of the Heike, translated by A. L. Sadler, page 43:
      *It was made under the eaves on the east side of the Seiryoden, one of the halls of the Palace, at the south end; mortar was spread on the boards to obtain the effect of an earthfloor.