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eat +‎ -athon


eatathon (plural eatathons)

  1. A charity event in which participants eat as much as possible.
  2. (slang) A large feast or pigout.
    • 1982, Barbara Zara, Erin McHugh, I left my fat behind (page 14)
      So I gave myself a week's reprieve and started another eatathon.
    • 1983, Texas Monthly (volume 11, number 3, March 1983, page 49)
      Our recommendation is to tote the excess home in a doggie bag so you can indulge in the dessert, the Queen of Sheba, an eatathon consisting of a rich chocolate base, mounds of whipped cream, and a guilt complex.
    • 1992, Sue Gebo, What's left to eat?, page 151:
      Typically, Americans eat a very substantial portion of the day's calories at the evening meal, and then continue an evening "eatathon" in front of the tube.