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ecquis m, f, ecquid n (interrogative pronoun)

  1. Is there anyone who?, Is there anybody who?
    Ecquis me vivit fortunatior?
    Is there another man as fortunate as I am?
    Heus ecquis in villa est?
    Is there anybody in the farm?
    Percontabor ecquis adolescentem nouerit.
    I will ask whether any man did know the young fellow.
    Ecquo de homine?
    Of what man?
    Inuestigent ecqua virgo sit, an mulier.
    Let them look whether there is any maiden or woman.


Derived terms[edit]


Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative ecquis ecquis ecquid ecquī ecquae ecquae
genitive eccuius, eccujus eccuius, eccujus eccuius, eccujus ecquōrum ecquārum ecquōrum
dative eccui eccui eccui ecquibus ecquibus ecquibus
accusative ecquem ecquem ecquid ecquōs ecquās ecquae
ablative ecquō ecquō ecquō ecquibus ecquibus ecquibus