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edenic (comparative more edenic, superlative most edenic)

  1. Alternative form of Edenic
    • 1990, Kevin Starr, Material Dreams: Southern California through the 1920s, →ISBN:
      Like Jack London (or Theodore Roosevelt, for that matter, or Owen Wister, Frank Norris, and an entire generation of young men of the late nineteenth century, enamored simultaneously of the frontier and the establishment), Burroughs wanted money, power, and status as well as release into an imagined edenic frontier.
    • 2001, Martha Celeste Carpentier, The Major Novels of Susan Glaspell, →ISBN, page 69:
      It is key that her one and only intimate relationship, with Janet, is recalled in memories of play that enact an edenic maternal world and a vaginal space: Janet. Irma. Playing house together in the apple-trees back of the barn.
    • 2009, The Shaping of a Life: A Spiritual Landscape, →ISBN:
      If I lived them at a most unoriginal level of elation—and I very much doubt that my edenic content was very different from that of most other brides ... If I lived them in an unremarkable delight, I also lived them consumed in unremarkable occupations.