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edress (plural edresses)

  1. Alternative spelling of e-dress
    • 1993 September 23, "williams" (username), "here's another chance to flame, in rec.pets.herp, Usenet:
      If anybody wants to take up a reply to ream me out, my edress is as follows: []
    • 2001, Michael Flynn, Lodestar, Macmillan, →ISBN, page 124:
      Baleen’s boardroom lay somewhere out in the virtch, in a deeply encrypted region called the Briarpatch. Only Baleen (and Poole sEcurity) had the edress and key.
    • 2001 December 7, Marilee J. Layman, "Re: @home.com email addys", in rec.crafts.beads, Usenet:
      Comcast negotiated a deal for a few months, they're going to pay a lot more to @home for those months, while they try to find a new cable supplier. So your edress will probably change eventually.
    • 2010 April 9, "Leslie" (username), "Re: April Phoenix Housfilk - Announcement", in rec.music.filk, Usenet:
      My edress is [] .