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elide +‎ -able


elidable (not comparable)

  1. Capable of being elided.
    Synonym: elidible
    an elidable vowel
    • 1687, The Decisions of the Lords of Council & Session, volume 2, page 871:
      [] and its being expired, and attaining Possession, are matters of Fact, requiring Probation, which are improper for an Inquest, and elidable, by a reply of Payment, or Intromission within the Legall, and Strowan was Served with Reservation of the Marquess Right, as accords of the Law.
    • 1878, Gilbert Conway, A Treatise on Versification, page 92:
      That Sheridan himself did ever read out this couplet as it must inevitably be read if his theory be right, I do not believe; but if he did not, then the superfluous syllables, claimed by him, would not be sounded; that is to say, unconsciously, and in spite of himself, he would elide the elidable ones, and cut out the mute.

Derived terms[edit]