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embraceable +‎ -ity


embraceability (uncountable)

  1. The quality or state of being embraceable.
    • 1992, Theater Week, Volume 6, page 37:
      She brings an utterly loving embraceability to this somewhat chubby creature, a "Miss Four Eyes," with her glasses on a chain.
    • 2006, Robert L. Quinn, The Accompanist, Ogma Press (2006), →ISBN, page 22:
      Here is the gist of that simple and foul thought: how can one reconcile the ethereal beauty of these women, their fragility and embraceability, their humour, sanity and sharp intelligence with their capacity to inflict pain – quite apart from their regular craziness contingent on their menstruation?
    • 2012, Ellis Cashmore, Beyond Black: Celebrity and Race in Obama's America, Bloomsbury (2012), →ISBN, page 9:
      So where does that leave Tiger Woods on the embraceability scale? Or Kobe Bryant? Once lauded, then despised, then, at least in Bryant's case, lauded again, both manifested signs of regression.