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  1. present participle and gerund of embrace


embracing (plural embracings)

  1. The act of embracing (in various senses).
    • 1719 May 6 (Gregorian calendar), [Daniel Defoe], The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, [], 3rd edition, London: [] W[illiam] Taylor [], published 1719, →OCLC, page 222:
      There are some secret moving Springs in the Affections, which when they are set a going by some Object in view, or be it some Object, though not in view, yet rendred present to the Mind by the Power of Imagination, that Motion carries out the Soul by its Impetuosity to such violent eager embracings of the Object, that the Absence of it is insupportable.
    • 1849, Charles Frederick Briggs, Holden's Dollar Magazine, volumes 3-4, page 240:
      Ay, in so doing you will but voluntarily throw yourself into her arms, and, with fond embracings, proclaim yourself a willing servant; do not, in the wild endeavor to win fame, strive to crush her power!
    • 1953, C. S. Lewis, chapter 15, in The Silver Chair[1], London: Geoffrey Bles:
      [] a moment later such cheering and shouting, such jumps and reels of joy, such hand-shakings and kissings and embracings of everybody by everybody else broke out that the tears came into Jill’s eyes.

Derived terms[edit]