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embrazure (plural embrazures)

  1. Alternative form of embrasure
    • 1920, Robert Ames Bennet, Bloom of Cactus[1]:
      As half in the deep window embrazure, Lennon paused to watch her, the overhanging cliff ledges reverberated with an impatient call.
    • 1891, Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, Ilka on the Hill-Top and Other Stories[2]:
      In the embrazure of one of the windows, a young girl was sitting, with a drawing-board in her lap, apparently absorbed in the contemplation of a marble relief which was suspended upon the wall.
    • 1824, Washington Irving, Tales of a Traveller[3]:
      Every Amazon took part with one or other of the disputants, and brandished her arms dripping with soapsuds, and fired away from her window as from the embrazure of a fortress; while the swarms of children nestled and cradled in every procreant chamber of this hive, waking with the noise, set up their shrill pipes to swell the general concert.