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From embromar (to beat around the bush; to trick) +‎ -ation.



embromation m or f (uncountable)

  1. (Brazil, slang) the act of beating around the bush, especially while pretending to do something useful
    • 2017, Julianna Costa, Luiza Costa, Miga, sua louca, Universo dos Livros, page 149:
      Na verdade, acho que aquela embromation toda foi só resto de ética que ainda batia na porta dele, []
      Actually, I think that whole beating around the bush thing was just a residue of ethics knocking on his door, []
  2. (Brazil, slang, chiefly music) the act of improvising the use of another language, such as mimicking the lyrics of a song badly or using Portuguese-like words and syntax
    • 2004, Cult, issues 76-87, Lemos Editorial e Gráficas, page 38:
      A letra é cantada em “embromation”, numa mistura de alemão, com japonês e inglês, fácil de acompanhar.
      The lyrics are sung in “mimicry”, with a mix of German, Japanese and English, easy to sing along.