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encountre (plural encountres)

  1. Obsolete spelling of encounter


encountre (third-person singular simple present encountres, present participle encountring, simple past and past participle encountred)

  1. Obsolete spelling of encounter
    • 1830 CE, Richard Wyngfeld, in State Papers; Part I, page #95:
      […]but also fournishe an other sorte, prepaired for the werres, to defende the Narrowe Sees for his sure passage and transpourting ; and by that tyme not oonely Your Grace, with your nobles, may be in arredinesse to encountre, salute, and welcomme the said Emperour, to boothe your honours, but also certain knowlege may be had of what towardnes or untowardenes the Frenshe King shalbe, in accepting or refusing the treux, or abstinence of werre ; whiche is right necessary to be knowen, before thEmperour departe from those his Lowe Countreis.