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entoptic (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) Located within the eyeball.
  2. (medicine) Of or relating to visual phenomena caused by objects within the eye, or the objects themselves.
    • 1911, Vision, article in 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica:
      When small opaque particles exist in the transparent media, they may cast their shadow on the retina so as to give rise to images which are projected outwards by the mind into space, and thus appear to exist outside of the body. Such phenomena are termed entoptic.
    • 1990 November 15, R. S. Manor, “Erratum: Entoptic [corrected] Phenomena in Pregeniculate and Postgeniculate Hemianopsia with Splitting of Macula by Perimetry”, in American Journal of Ophthalmology, volume 108, number 5, PMID 2817059, article title, page 585:
      Entoptic [corrected] phenomena in pregeniculate and postgeniculate hemianopsia with splitting of macula by perimetry [the original article ((15 March 1990), volume 109, number 3, page 375) misspelled the word as entopic]