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Short for environmentalist.


enviro (plural enviros)

  1. (informal) An ecofreak.
    • 2006, John Berlau, Eco-Freaks: Environmentalism Is Hazardous to Your Health![1], page 162:
      In the late 1980s and early 1990s, enviros cooked up a scheme to prevent nearly any tree from being cut down in the Pacific Northwest.
    • 2010, Craig Collins, Toxic Loopholes: Failures and Future Prospects for Environmental Law[2], page 9:
      Indeed, this dwindling number of agency “enviros” has been the EPA's conscience over the years. William Sanjour was one of these endangered species of enviros who worked tirelessly to compel the EPA to reform itself and fulfill its mission.
    • 2011, Gary Jason, Dangerous Thoughts, unnumbered page,
      The book became one of the enviros’ bibles, and they managed to convince the EPA to ban the use of DDT in the United States in 1972.