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epic +‎ -ally or epical +‎ -ly


epically (comparative more epically, superlative most epically)

  1. In an epic manner; in the stype of an epic
  2. (informal) Extremely; very; significantly.
    • 2007, Todd Balf, "Critical Mess", Bicycling, November 2007:
      It is a rare sunny afternoon in an epically miserable London June when the wide South Bank plaza area along the Thames near Waterloo Bridge begins filling with bicycle riders.
    • 2008, Rachel Maude, Poseur: The Good, the Fab and the Ugly, Poppy (2008), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Due to some epically drunk behavior at his sister's Prada fashion thing the weekend before last, he'd somehow cheated on his supremely hot, now ex-girlfriend, []
    • 2008, Joe Stretch, Friction, Vintage (2008), →ISBN, page 144:
      They stopped discussing them because it usually meant epically dull speeches from Steve on market fluctuations and innovations in Internet trading.
    • 2012, Penny Vincenzi, More Than You Know, Doubleday (2012), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      [] I've been so stupid, so epically stupid and selfish and cruel and …"