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epitomise (third-person singular simple present epitomises, present participle epitomising, simple past and past participle epitomised)

  1. Alternative spelling of epitomize
    • 2014, Daniel Taylor, England and Wayne Rooney see off Scotland in their own back yard (in The Guardian, 18 November 2014)[1]
      Yet Hodgson’s men played with wonderful control. Their young full-backs, Luke Shaw and Nathaniel Clyne, epitomised their composure and Fraser Forster had to make only one noteworthy save before Andy Robertson’s goal, seven minutes from the end of time, temporarily threatened a winning position.
    • 2011 January 25, Paul Fletcher, “Arsenal 3 - 0 Ipswich (agg 3 - 1)”, in BBC[2]:
      Robin van Persie hit the woodwork in the opening half and Arsenal became increasingly frustrated by their failure to score - with one extremely ambitious long-range attempt from Gael Clichy epitomising his team's desperation.