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epta- +‎ meride.


eptameride (plural eptamerides)

  1. (music, obsolete) Alternative spelling of heptameride
    • 1963, Scripta Mathematica, vol. 1, page 296, ISSN 0036-9713.
      Later he spoke of "subdividing each Eptameride into ten parts, called Decamerides." But he did not use this more subtle division in practice.
    • 1964, James Woodrow Krehbiel Harmonic Principles of Jean-Philippe Rameau and his Contemporaries, page 9, OCLC 1069357.
      The second contribution of Sauveur is the development of a more exact method of computing intervals based upon logarithmic numbers which he terms merides, eptamerides and decamerides.
    • 1991, Theoria, vol. 5-6, page 26, ISSN 1554-1312.
      The interval of the fifth, it will be recalled, contains 176 eptamerides or 25 merides (plus 1 eptameride).
    • 2004, J. Murray Barbour, Tuning and Temperament: A Historical Survey, →ISBN, page 122:
      The Merides were divided into seven parts called Eptamerides. For more subtle distinctions, Sauveur suggested using Decamerides, 10 of which comprised one Eptameride.