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equinoctal (not comparable)

  1. Alternative spelling of equinoctial (of or relating to an equinox).
    • 1984, H. L. Resnikoff, Raymond O'Neil Wells, Mathematics in Civilization, page 88:
      When the vernal equinoctal sun passed from one zodiacal constellation to the next, an Age ended and a new one began:
    • 2001, The Archaeological Journal (published by the Royal Archaeological Institute), volume 158, page 148:
      It has been argued that this axis is most frequently related to significant solar directions, preferring the equinoctal sunrise (E) and the midwinter solstice (ESE) (Oswald 1997). The South Shields house faces the equinoctal sunrise.
    • 2008, Noah Brosch, Sirius matters, page 29:
      Other sight-lines featured by medicine wheels point to Aldebaran (α Taurus=Tau), Rigel (β Orio- nis=Ori), Fomalhaut (α Pisces Austrinus=PsA), and to the Sun's position on special equinoctal or solstitial dates.
  2. Alternative spelling of equinoctial (of or relating to an equator).
    • 2003, John Avery, Information theory and evolution, page 14:
      During his last year at Cambridge, Darwin read Alexander von Humboldt's famous Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctal Regions of South America During the Years 1799-1804, a book which awakened in him "a burning zeal [] ".
    • 2004, Ángela Pérez Mejía, A geography of hard times: narratives about travel to South America, 1780-1849, page 129:
      Woe to the European who dared approach the equinoctal line!
    • 2009, Paul R. Pinet, Invitation to Oceanography, page 462:
      Oh, 'twas on the broad Atlantic,
      'Mid the equinoctal gales,
      That a young fellow fell overboard
      Among the sharks and whales.