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ethno- +‎ -scape


ethnoscape (plural ethnoscapes)

  1. A transnational distribution of correlated people.
    • 1991, Arjun Appadurai:
      The landscapes of group identity — the ethnoscapes — around the world are no longer familiar anthropological objects, insofar as groups are no longer tightly territorialized, spatially bounded, historically unselfconscious, or culturally homogeneous.
    • 2006, Katrina Z. S. Schwartz, Nature and National Identity After Communism, page 200:
      Is an ethnoscape preserved as a tourist attraction still an ethnoscape? In the English case, David Lowenthal suspects it is not: “The heritage landscape is less and less England, more and more 'England-land,' Europe's offshore theme park. []
    • 2011, Elisabeth Robertson Kennedy, Seeking a Homeland: Sojourn and Ethnic Identity in the Ancestral Narratives of Genesis, Volume 106 of Biblical Interpretation Series, page 234:
      The divine command to Isaac in 26:3 to sojourn in a land promised as a future possession accents a flexible relation to the ethnoscape, one that serves ethnic identity.

Coordinate terms[edit]