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Euro- +‎ demo



eurodemo (plural eurodemos)

  1. (demoscene) A demo made by Europeans.
    • 1993, "Clayton Donley", 3DO or Jaguar (on Internet newsgroup
      There are THOUSANDS of Eurodemos out there, from various groups, spanning several years.
    • 1993, "Joakim Grundwall", A1200 specific demos (on Internet newsgroup alt.sys.amiga.demos)
      i think you noncoders have got the wrong idea about eurodemos. most eurodemos are, i think, coded by coders to impress other coders. that is, while a noncoder just thinks a routine looks like shit a coder will be impressed if he haven't[sic] got a clue of how to make one like it himself.
    • 1995, "Shadow Weaver", Newbie Question (on Internet newsgroup
      Maybe someone else can help with this part. Maybe there are some converters on some PC eurodemo sites, since they tend to go into weird low color modes for some demos.