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exemplative (comparative more exemplative, superlative most exemplative)

  1. Serving as or providing a typical example.
    • 1982, Yougindra Khushalani, Dignity and Honour of Women as Basic and Fundamental Human Rights, Martinus Nijhoff, →ISBN, page 28,
      The United Nations War Crimes commission had in fact approved the list and considered the enumerated acts are not exhaustive but exemplative war crimes.
    • 1987, "Some pitfalls in applied general equilibrium modeling", Jean Waelbroeck, in Advances in Econometrics: Fifth World Congress, Truman Fassett Bewley (ed), Cambridge University Press, →ISBN, page 199,
      The discussion of applications will be exemplative only.
    • 2000, US patent 6036576: Light sword toy with moving internal object, US Patent Office,
      Connely also refers to a scrolling feature, but provides no exemplative mechanism for allowing the light to travel along the sword.
  2. Exemplary.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Whereas exemplary has positive connotations, exemplative is generally neutral.