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Alternative forms[edit]


explicit +‎ -ize


  • IPA(key): /ɪkˈsplɪsɪˌtaɪz/
  • Hyphenation: ex‧pli‧cit‧ize


explicitize (third-person singular simple present explicitizes, present participle explicitizing, simple past and past participle explicitized)

  1. (pragmatics) to make explicit
    • 1984, Frans H. van Eemeren and Rob Grootendorst, Speech Acts in Argumentative Discussions: A Theoretical Model for the Analysis of Discussions Directed towards Solving Conflicts of Opinion. Walter de Gruyter, →ISBN, p. 119:
      Very often it is completely unnecessary (and thus even disruptive) to explicitize exactly what one means.
    • 2000, Robert J. Spitzer, ‎Robin A. Bernhoft, &‎Camille E. De Blasi, Healing the Culture, →ISBN, page 127:
      One of the ways we explicitize our view of happiness is to talk about our view of a “successful life”.
    • 2001, Linda Kyle Stromei, Creating Mentoring and Coaching Programs, page 24:
      It is not enough to merely explicitize tacit knowledge. Rather, tacit knowledge has to be put in some sort of system to be useful.