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See also: falla, Falla, fallá, fállá, fålla, and fælla


Etymology 1[edit]

From Old Norse fella, from Proto-Germanic *fallǭ.


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fälla c

  1. trap
    Vi gick i fällanWe fell for the trap
Declension of fälla 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative fälla fällan fällor fällorna
Genitive fällas fällans fällors fällornas
Derived terms[edit]

Etymology 2[edit]

From Old Swedish fælla, from Old Norse fella, from Proto-Germanic *fallijaną.


fälla (present fäller, preterite fällde, supine fällt, imperative fäll)

  1. to fell, to drop, to bring down (make something fall)
    fälla ett träd
    fell a tree
    fälla bomber
    drop bombs
    1. to kill (by implication)
      fälla en björn
      kill a bear
  2. to trip (make someone fall by knocking their feet from under them)
    Hon sträckte ut benet och fällde honom
    She extended her leg and tripped him
  3. to convict (proclaim someone guilty of what they been accused of (in a courtroom))
    Hon fälldes på fyra punkter
    She was convicted on four counts
  4. to drop (a comment, statement, etc.)
    Han fällde en olycklig kommentar
    He dropped an unfortunate comment
  5. to be the deciding factor (in)
    Orken fällde avgörandet i matchen
    Their good stamina was what decided the outcome of the game
  6. (of textiles) to bleed (lose color)
    Tröjan fällde i tvätten
    The dye of the shirt bled in the washing machine
  7. (chemistry, usually reflexive or passive voice or transitive with ut (out)) to precipitate (out of a liquid)
  8. (with a particle) to fold (something more or less rigid (so as to bring it into or out of a more compact and often "deactivated" state))
    fälla ihop/samman
    fold up / fold
    fälla upp
    unfold, open, flip up, etc.
    fälla in
    fold in, retract, etc.
    fälla in landingsstället
    retract the landing gear
    fälla ut
    fold out, spread, extend, etc.
    fälla ut landingsstället
    extend the landing gear
    fälla ner
    fold down, close, etc.
Derived terms[edit]
Related terms[edit]