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From Old Swedish fylghia, from Old Norse fylgja, from Proto-Germanic *fulgijaną. Cognates include Danish følge, English follow and German folgen.


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  1. follow; to go after
    En gatuhund följade mig hem.
    A stray dog followed me home.
  2. follow; to be the next in a sequence
    Vilket antal följer?
    Which number comes next?
  3. follow; to carry out in accordance to
  4. follow (on social media, etc.)
    Min ex följer mig ännu på Twitter.
    My ex still follows me on Twitter.
  5. follow; to live one's live according to (religion, teachings, etc)
    Hon följer ingen religion.
    She doesn't follow any religion.
    Vi måste följa reglerna.
    We have to follow the rules.
  6. follow; to be a logical consequence of
    Det följer att inget reellt tal kan ha en kvadrat som är negativ.
    It follows that no real number may have a negative square.


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