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Borrowed from French escorte, itself borrowed from Italian scorta.



escort (plural escorts)

  1. A group of people or vehicles, generally armed, who go with a person or people of importance to safeguard them on a journey or mission.
    • 1898, Arnold Henry Savage Landor, chapter LXXXIII, in In the Forbidden Land:
      The soldier who was pulling at the other end was clumsily unhorsed, and I myself was all but thrown by the unexpected jerk. This ludicrous incident at first provoked mirth among my escort, a mirth which their superstitious minds immediately turned into an ill omen.
    • 1883, Ambrose Bierce, George Thurston:
      Whole squadrons of cavalry escort had sometimes to be sent thundering against a powerful infantry outpost in order that the brief time between the charge and the inevitable retreat might be utilized in sounding a ford or determining the point of intersection of two roads.
  2. An accompanying person in such a group.
    • 1980, Ernest L. Secrest, chapter 9, in My 1102 Days of W.W. II:
      The waves being so high when we and the escorts, which stayed about one quarter mile to each side and ahead of us, were in a trough at the same time and we were unable to see one another.
  3. A guard who travels with a dangerous person, such as a criminal, for the protection of others.
  4. A group of people attending as a mark of respect or honor.
  5. An accompanying person in a social gathering, etc.
    • 1921, Mary Roberts Rinehart, chapter 5, in More Tish:
      "He'd come in for something to eat—the red-bearded one. We had quite a chat. I told him we were traveling like Stevenson—with a donkey; but that one of the ladies had an abscess on a tooth and was going home. He said it was no place for women and offered himself as an escort."
  6. Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion.
    • 1874, Horatio Alger, chapter 2, in Brave and Bold:
      "I went home with Hester Paine, last evening, from writing school. Just as she had accepted my escort, Halbert came up, and in a condescending way, informed her that he would see her home."
  7. (somewhat euphemistic) A sex worker who does not operate in a brothel, but with whom clients make appointments; a call girl or male equivalent; a pimp.
    • 2014, Jeffrey T. Parsons, Contemporary Research on Sex Work, page 87:
      Of the 68 women, 26 reported that they had worked on the streets and as an escort over the course of their career as a prostitute, 18 exclusively as a street prostitute, and 8 as an escort only (i.e., working for an escort service).
    • 2017, Samantha X, Back on Top: Confessions of a High-Class Escort[1], Hachette, →ISBN:
      Every escort has at least one or two regular clients; they are our bread and butter.

Derived terms[edit]



escort (third-person singular simple present escorts, present participle escorting, simple past and past participle escorted)

  1. To attend to in order to guard and protect; to accompany as a safeguard (for the person escorted or for others); to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to
    • 2009, Allen D. Grimshaw, A Social History of Racial Violence:
      He reported that the police escorted the children five or six blocks beyond Natural Bridge Avenue and at that point stopped the white children who were following and shooed them back to the park.
    • 1837, Mrs Chadwick, Novels of Nature:
      Lord Lyndsey, ever attentive, escorted his Lady to the carriage
  2. To accompany (a person) in order to compel them to go somewhere (e.g. to leave a building).
    • 2018, TST-00493-18 (Re), Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (Anna Solomon, member):
      At this point, the Tenant became extremely angry.... the Tenant started yelling even louder and charged at me. The Tenant was restrained by the security guard and escorted out of the hearing room. The Tenant was ultimately escorted out of the Board’s office because he continued his yelling and aggressive behaviour in the hallway and at the customer service desk.
    • 2022 November 2, Paul Bigland, “New trains, old trains, and splendid scenery”, in RAIL, number 969, page 57:
      Three local yobs have also joined, but they have not reckoned on a redoubtable Conductor and two local revenue protection officers who soon escort them off the train!
  3. To go with someone as a partner, for example on a formal date.







Borrowed from English escort.


  • IPA(key): /ˈɛs.kɔrt/
  • (file)
  • Hyphenation: es‧cort


escort m (plural escorts)

  1. escort (sex worker)

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