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From Middle French apointement (French appointement). See appoint.



appointment (plural appointments)

  1. The act of appointing a person to hold an office or to have a position of trust
    His appointment as treasurer was deemed suitable.
    Synonym: designation
  2. The state of being appointed to a service or office; an office to which one is appointed
    the appointment of treasurer
  3. Stipulation; agreement; the act of fixing by mutual agreement.
  4. An arrangement between people to meet; an engagement.
    They made an appointment to meet at six.
    I'm leaving work early because I have a doctor's appointment.
  5. (religion) Decree; direction; established order or constitution.
    To submit to the divine appointments.
  6. (law) The exercise of the power of designating (under a power of appointment) a person to enjoy an estate or other specific property; also, the instrument by which the designation is made.
  7. (government) The assignment of a person by an official to perform a duty, such as a presidential appointment of a judge to a court.
  8. (in the plural) Equipment, furniture.
  9. (US) An honorary part or exercise, as an oration, etc., at a public exhibition of a college.
    to have an appointment
  10. (obsolete) The allowance paid to a public officer.


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