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fœderate (not comparable)

  1. Obsolete form of federate.
    • 1890, William Blackstone and William G. Hammond, Commentaries on the Laws of England, Bancroft‐Whitney Company; page #248:
      The truth seems to be, that in such an incorporate union (which is well distinguished by a very learned prelate from a fœderate alliance, where such an infringement would certainly rescind the compact) the two contracting state are totally annihilated, without any power of revival; and a third arises from their conjunction, in which all the rights of sovereignty, and particularly that of legislation, must of necessity reside.


fœderate (third-person singular simple present fœderates, present participle fœderating, simple past and past participle fœderated)

  1. (rare) Obsolete spelling of federate