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Blend of Facebook +‎ stalking


facestalking (uncountable)

  1. The practice of obtaining information about someone without their knowledge using Facebook or other social media.
    • 2014, Travis J. Hawke & ‎Claire Bradshaw, The Bachelor Life, →ISBN:
      I guess it is stalking, only the modern day equivalent (now termed Facestalking), albeit it without you having to hang out by the dumpster behind your intended's building to sift through her garbage for old underwear or loose strands of hair.
    • 2014, Joseph Maverick Nyambu, Sparkling Mortal Passions, →ISBN, page Page 31:
      Who's facestalking my favs on Facebook?
    • 2012 May 4, “I Regret: Dating A Criminal”, in The Gloss:
      No, not like you “check up” on your ex and his new girlfriend Facestalking, but actual stalking–in the bushes with binoculars stalking.
    • 2015 April 30, Virginia Sullivan, “Ahhh Facebook, You Are a Cruel Mistress”, in Huffington Post:
      He didn't realize she was facestalking him until she saw that he had a new girlfriend from his postings.
    • 2014 May 24, “Facestalking' would-be dates on social media is normal, research says”, in TVNZ OneNews:
      There's no need to feel naughty about facestalking would-be dates on social media before agreeing to meet up, new research says nine in 10 NZ women do it.