fag marriage

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fag marriage (countable and uncountable, plural fag marriages)

  1. (vulgar, offensive, derogatory) Same-sex marriage.
    • 2010, Becky Young, "Community Rejects 'Message of Hate' at Weaver Memorial", Williamsburg Yorktown Daily, 28 September 2010:
      “There is the push for fag marriage in this country,” she said. “You’re a freak if you’re not fornicating by the time you’re 14.”
    • 2011, Roland Boyle, Tea Party Guide to Being a Real American: Arming Yourself Against Godless Liberals, Dirty Socialists, and Sexy Ideas, Sourcebooks (2011), ISBN 9781402262715, unnumbered page:
      He also suggested a “final solution to the problem of fag marriage” that involved replacing rice/birdseed with bullets/hand grenades at gay weddings (this book may not have gotten the details there quite right).
    • 2012, Zack W. Van, Inanimate Heroes, ISBN 9781456606145, unnumbered page:
      “I hear they are letting queers get married now. They voted yes on that fag marriage idea, so you should be happy Andy!”