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fagin (plural fagins)

  1. Alternative form of Fagin
    • 1911, Walter Hines Page, ‎Arthur Wilson Page, The World's Work: A History of Our Time - Volume 22, page 14847:
      From February until the following October, Latsky was daily in the streets with the "fagins," who made much of him; for at ten years of age he was admitted to be one of the very cleverest of all the young thieves on the East Side.
    • 1954, Galaxy Magazine - Volume 8, Issues 1-6, page 118:
      You can always find a fagin or a madam for a kid. I don't know how prices are now — when I was thirteen, I brought fifty dollars." Norvell, his hair standing on end, said, "You?" "I guess I was lucky — they sold me to a fagin, not into a house.
    • 2006, Hanna Wallinger, Transitions: Race, Culture, and the Dynamics of Change, ISBN 3825895319, page 67:
      Native Speaker does not present the United States as a promised land but as an "orphanage:" "It's an orphanage and there is a fagin"
    • 2007, Anu Garg, The Dord, the Diglot, and an Avocado or Two, ISBN 1440623090:
      Profiling the legendary biblioklept Stephen Blumberg ("the greatest book thief in U.S. history"), the New Yorker magazine writes, “He was a fagin. Many of his friendships were with adolescent boys. He gave them money to help him unload his truck and sometimes to steal things."