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faithfull (comparative more faithfull, superlative most faithfull)

  1. Archaic spelling of faithful.
    • 1581, Anonymous, A Treatise Of Daunses[1]:
      Some others goe further and alledging or rather indeede abusing some peece of the Scripture, where it appeareth that the faithfull haue leaped and daunsed: they thinke verily that they haue founde the beane in the cake, as though this were a proper couerture & cloke to couer the infection and filthines of their daunces.
    • 1594, Christopher Marlowe, Massacre at Paris[2]:
      NAVARRE. It is enough if that Navarre may be Esteemed faithfull to the King of France: Whose service he may still commaund to death.
    • 1650, John Dury, The Reformed Librarie-Keeper[3]:
      Thy faithfull and unwearied servant SAMUEL HARTLIB.