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fascicular (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to a fascicle.
    • 1819 December 1, The Analectic Magazine[1], page 497:
      Besides an exact and beautiful copy of the Declaration of Independence, the admirable and correct engraving of the arms, the ornamental foliage, and the fascicular bandeau, there are sixteen distinct medallions of very superior execution, highly picturesque, and the whole performance officially and critically accurate.
    • 1836, Abraham Gesner, Remarks on the Geology and Mineralogy of Nova Scotia[2], page 190:
      These cavities are frequently occupied with zeolites, composed of fascicular groups of delicate crystals, diverging from a central point to the surface.
    • 2013, Marc Gertsch, The ECG: A Two-Step Approach to Diagnosis[3], page 121:
      Similarly to isolated fascicular blocks, bilateral fascicular blocks are generally due to coronary artery disease (CAD), primary fibrosis of the ventricular conduction system, hypertensive heart disease, and iatrogenic lesions during heart surgery, approximately in this order.

Derived terms[edit]