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Alternative forms[edit]


feed +‎ forward. Formed by analogy with feedback.


feedforward (plural feedforwards)

  1. (sometimes countable) An anticipatory response to expected changes in the environment of a system
    • 1991, Christopher Hodgkinson, Educational Leadership: The Moral Art[1], →ISBN, page 96:
      The continuum is dynamic through the action of modulating feedbacks and feedforwards.


feedforward (third-person singular simple present feedforwards, present participle feedforwarding, simple past and past participle feedforwarded)

  1. (nonstandard) To respond in advance
    • 2002, David Beckett & Paul J. Hager, Life, Work and Learning[2], →ISBN, page 36:
      Contingency is handled by, for example, managers and nurses, through feedforwarding, that is, by acting anticipatively, and thereby raising the prospect of modifying not just the practical means toward an end, but of modifying the end itself.


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