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From fēlēs (cat) +‎ -īnus.



fēlīnus (feminine fēlīna, neuter fēlīnum); first/second declension

  1. feline; of or pertaining to a cat
    • 1570, Anthony van Cuyck, Grammatica gallica, p. 16:
      Iau, miauler, est vocem felinam edere.
      (The triphthong) iau, (as in) miauler, is to emit a cat's cry.
    • 1652, Christoph Scheiner, Oculus, Liber I, Pars I, Cap. IV:
      Nam fundus Choroidis taurinae caeruleus, felinae flavus existit, &c.
      For the bottom of the taurine Choroid appears blue, the feline, yellow, and so on.
    • 1750, Jan Frederik Gronovius, Index supellectilis lapidea, p. 10:
      Lapis felinus, qui ferro attritus urinam felium redolet.
      The cat-stone, which, rubbed with iron, smells like the urine of cats.
    • 1811, Peter Simon Pallas, Zoographia rosso-asiatica, Vol. I, p. 14:
      In felino genere animalitas ad summum gradum evecta et animales spiritus maxime exaltati videntur.
      Within the feline kind are seen animality raised to the highest level and animals particularly elevated of the spirit.


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative fēlīnus fēlīna fēlīnum fēlīnī fēlīnae fēlīna
genitive fēlīnī fēlīnae fēlīnī fēlīnōrum fēlīnārum fēlīnōrum
dative fēlīnō fēlīnō fēlīnīs
accusative fēlīnum fēlīnam fēlīnum fēlīnōs fēlīnās fēlīna
ablative fēlīnō fēlīnā fēlīnō fēlīnīs
vocative fēlīne fēlīna fēlīnum fēlīnī fēlīnae fēlīna

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